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Hi-Seoul Brand

The Hi-Seoul Brand Certification is awarded by the Seoul Business Agency, through a rigorous selection process, to small and medium technology-based enterprises in Seoul that have displayed a high level of innovation and global competitiveness.

Minister’s Award from the Ministry of the Interior

On December 21, 2017, TG received the Minister’s Award from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety in recognition of its achievements in the field of IT business support consulting. IT business support consulting refers to the integrated provision of services for IT project management, information asset management, and EA management.

Technology Credit Bureau Certification

The Technology Credit (TCB) Certification assesses the company’s technology competitiveness and the capability of its business. By providing information on the future growth potential of the company and based on the TCB results, this service certifies the technology competence of the company by selecting and highlighting exemplary companies in the technology sector.

Innobiz Certification

The Innobiz Certification — a compound of “Innovation” and “Business” – is awarded to small and medium enterprises that have secured their market competitiveness by using technology in innovative ways. The certification is based on the company’s technological competitiveness and R&D robustness and has a special characteristic of attaching more importance to future growth than on past performance.

Labor Certification for Leading Small Enterprises

This certification is awarded to small and medium enterprises that are pushing to meet the expectations of young people and to create a desirable and productive working environment for them.

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Since its foundation in 2010, TG has consolidated its competitiveness in Korea and the region through IT project consulting and execution in central and local government, public agencies, public corporations, private corporations, and universities. TG's growth is represented not only by increasing sales, but also by investments in human resource capability, acquisition of software certification, and successful expansion into the international market.