A chatbot responds to questions submitted by users, by providing answers, related information, and simple services through automated messenger conversations.

This allows companies and organizations to diversify their customer service channels and maximize user satisfaction, while increasing business efficiency and lowering service costs.

TG develops interactive service delivery strategies based on optimized artificial intelligence and designs feasible target models for our customers. In addition, we offer concrete chatbot service-related system construction and future operation activation plans.


Our Consulting services provide the best technical support to implement distributed transaction solutions.  Ensuring data trust by storing your data in the Blockchain. The Blockchain enable all members of the organizations to store, retrieve and verify the information at the same time which means that it can not be forged or tampered.

We know that mutual trust is important our services will provide a highly applicable solution for data transactions to your organization. Including electronic payment, anti-counterfeiting, electronic voting, ID card issuance and more.


Our Consulting services provides a new platform for algorithm and pattern analysis of large-scale convergence data, including unstructured data. For this last case, we can derive results from large scale convergence data, driven through our analysis tools. This analysis solution is the brain of the 4th Industrial Revolution technology and opens a new era of innovative automation using the Internet of things(IoT).

IT Governance

IT governance is defined by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) as, “The responsibility of executives and the board of directors, and consists of the leadership, organizational structures and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives.” These are the organizational structures, human resources, tools, processes, principles, and regulations that allow efficient and effective use of IT and help organizations to produce results and attain their strategic goals. As a specialist IT governance company, we know the value of IT governance in decision making on enterprise architecture, infrastructure, project requirement and outputs, and IT investment and prioritization for the business. TG focuses on EA-based IT Governance, which comprises support for government and agency EA, IT lifecycle management based on EA, budget processing management through EA, controlling EA complexity through EA, and continuous management of this EA information. The IT Governance model is based on EA repository information serves as the foundation for organizational decision-making.


TG’s data governance consulting supports organization and process management system to ensure that data standardization and quality management are attainable in our clients’ business operations. Our data governance approach recognizes the importance of the ability to manage data standards, data quality, and data analysis. Not only does this add value to your business but can also address issues of security and compliance as well.


Information Strategy Planning (ISP) refers to the systematic planning of actions or processes that establish the strategic targets of organization including the setup of information systems and the acquisition of technological capabilities. At TG this process begins with acquiring a firm grasp of key business factors – customers, products and services, processes, markets, and partners, etc. We then review the data and provide a clear picture of the internal and external environments and identify key issues. Based on this we design the target model for the client’s business and information systems strategy using clearly defined principles derived from the environmental analysis. Through the establishment of a roadmap, gaps between the current and future models are identified and the steps needed to transition the organization to the desired state are outlined. TG is equipped to go beyond the production of the roadmap to oversee implementation of the project through the engagement of our qualified staff and the application of our effective tools and methodologies.


Our consulting services enable our clients to improve business and IT alignment and create a more agile organization for today’s market and user requirements.

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Since its foundation in 2010, TG has consolidated its competitiveness in Korea and the region through IT project consulting and execution in central and local government, public agencies, public corporations, private corporations, and universities. TG's growth is represented not only by increasing sales, but also by investments in human resource capability, acquisition of software certification, and successful expansion into the international market.