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Global Campus
(송도 캠퍼스)
Yangpyeong Campus
E&C Dream Tower
(양평동 캠퍼스)
Mapo Campus
Samchang Plaza
1159, 1265
(마포 캠퍼스)


Weon Young, Jeon

CP. 010-3922-3532


Jung Hoon, Lee

이정훈 이사
CP. 010-7758-7971

Eui Seok, Yun

윤의석 이사
CP. 010-6273-2944

Joon Bum, Bae

배준범 이사
CP. 010-3756-2836


Jong Hyuk, Oh

오종혁 이사
CP. 010-2605-0265


Sung Won, Yoon

윤성원 이사
CP. 010-2529-3172

IT Gov

Rin, Park

박린 이사
CP. 010-9017-3165


Kang Won, Lee

이강원 이사
CP. 010-3111-1761

Tae Hyung, Kim

김태형 이사
CP. 010-7112-4851

Min Cheol, Kim

김민철 이사
CP. 010-2518-9018

Other Facilities

121 Dunsanbuk-ro, Dunsan-dong, Seo-gu, Daejeon.

Phone: +82 70-7734-3532

Mobile: +82 10-3922-3532

Fax: +82 70-4275-0037

9F, Hanoi Women’s Union Building, No 7 Ton That Thuyet Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi City

Phone: +82 70-7734-3532

Mobile: +82 10-3922-3532

Fax: +82 70-4275-0037

Munbang 5-gil, Cheongan-myeon, Goesan, Chungcheongbuk-do.

Phone: +82 70-7734-3532

Mobile: +82 10-3922-3532

Fax: +82 70-4275-0037

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Since its foundation in 2010, TG has consolidated its competitiveness in Korea and the region through IT project consulting and execution in central and local government, public agencies, public corporations, private corporations, and universities. TG's growth is represented not only by increasing sales, but also by investments in human resource capability, acquisition of software certification, and successful expansion into the international market.