TG Launches EAMS Adoption Feasibility Study in Vietnam

2018-08-06 10:38
On the 24th of July 2018, TG held a kickoff meeting in Hanoi to launch Feasibility Study on the adoption of Enterprise Architecture Management System (EAMS) in Vietnam ministries and provinces. In partnership with Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC), the five-month project will assess the current technical, business, and institutional environment in the public sector in order to make recommendations on the readiness to adopt the technology and what steps should be taken to ensure smooth application. The project team will use the implementation of EAMS in Korea as a reference point for lessons that can be shared with Vietnam’s MIC. The goal of the project is to develop funding strategies to implement EAMS in all 22 ministries and 63 provinces in order to improve IT resource management, facilitate system interoperability, and manage costs of IT projects.

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