TG Researches Novel Approach to Creating Enterprise Architecture Reference Model for Developing Countries

2018-12-17 18:00
A research paper on the development of service reference models using a cohesion analysis was recently published in the Journal of Information and Technology Architecture (JITA, Vol. 15 No. 3). The authors proposed a method to identify a service consumer using a business reference model and to analyze the cohesiveness between business functions and subject data to identify mutually independent service producers. This study was applied to the Botswana Government Enterprise Architecture (BGEA) project, verifying its practical applicability. TG’s Research Institute was established in 2011 and continues to support the development of IT governance in developing countries while creating efficient and appropriate models to apply. This commitment to research and practice benefits the recipient agencies and also enhances the innovative spirit of TG. Dr. Kyeong Seog Seo (TG CIO) was encouraged by the collaborative approach to the research that connected people from different countries and affiliations. Christopher Mokone is a Ph.D. student at KAIST, and Jeongro Yoon serves as Team Leader in the BGEA project. TG would like the congratulate Mr. Mokone, Mr. Yoon, and Dr. Seo on their achievement and thank them for their contribution to the project and the EA academic literature.

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