Knowledge Sharing Program on Implementation of Minwon24 in Paraguay Successfully Completed

2018-12-17 17:58
VTW completed the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) project on the development of a plan to introduce MInwon24 civil service platform to Paraguay. A final dissemination seminar was held in Asuncion to mark the occasion, where key stakeholders from SENATICs, the Korean Export-Import Bank, and the Inter-American Development Bank were in attendance. The project was developed to introduce advanced public administration services to Paraguay by surveying and analyzing the status of Paraguay e-government and sharing Korea's experiences in deploying and operating information systems for public administration services, including Korea's Minwon24. Also, two field surveys to Paraguay’s SENATICs (currently promoted to the Ministry of Information and Communication) and policy maker in the ministry traveled to Seoul for a capacity building and benchmarking exercise. We hope that the strong relationships built through this project will be a foundation for continued collaboration and efforts towards improving the effectiveness of E-Government in Paraguay.

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