How TG is Enhancing Logistics and Infrastructure Policy in Peru

2019-03-06 10:35
The national strategic plan for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) in Peru identified several issues currently impeding the economic growth of the country. Among these are the complexity of supply chain management, the imbalance of information sharing, and a wide gap between relevant players in the industry. In partnership with Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Peruvian government aims to use the Korean economic development story to derive appropriate and applicable lessons and policy directions.
The government of Korea launched the Knowledge Sharing Program II (KSP-II) to focus on and contribute to the industrial sector of developing countries. This year, the program selected TG Consulting as its KSP consulting firm to execute the activities of the project entitled “Policy Consultation for the Effective Construction and Development of the Logistics System and Infrastructure in Peru.” In consortium with Korea IT Consulting (KITC), the team will analyze the logistics industry and infrastructure environment of Peru in terms of facilities, stakeholders, systems, policies, and institutions to develop recommendations on strategic directions. Consultants from the consortium traveled to Lima twice (November 2018 and February 2019) to gather information through site visits, stakeholder interviews, and discussion sessions.
As part of the knowledge exchange, officials from MINCETUR will travel to Seoul in April for a capacity building program and reporting session during which the consultants will present their findings. The delegation of eight members will also visit several key Korean agencies in the logistics and infrastructure fields, such as the Incheon Airport Logistics and Control Tower, The Cargo Division of Korean Air, and the Busan Newport International Terminal. The final dissemination seminar is scheduled for Lima in mid-June.

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How TG is Enhancing Logistics and Infrastructure Policy in Peru
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