How TG is Innovating Public Administration through Blockchain

2019-05-20 14:57
Emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are giving companies the opportunity to innovate and find ways to apply new technologies in traditional ways of doing business. Although platforms like blockchain have already taken off in the private sector, their adoption in government is still at the early and exploratory phase. TG partnered with the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology’s GCORE program to study in-depth how blockchain can be used to improve the operation and maintenance of Government Enterprise Architecture and the delivery of services to citizens through E-Government. The GCORE program linked post-doctoral researchers with industry players who are looking to explore and solve technical issues in their line of business. For 12 months, TG worked with Dr. Tumenast Erdenebold, a graduate of KAIST and specialist in E-Government, social media in government, and emerging technology application in government on the study entitled “A Study on the Applications of Blockchain Technology in the Public Sector.” Together with software engineers from TG, Dr. Erdenebold took the lead on studying blockchain application in the public sector and developing a new model and framework for its use in government enterprise architecture and developing a toolkit for the assessment of public organization blockchain adoption readiness. This collaborative consulting project was important continuing to build TG’s relationship with the academic sector and in laying the foundation for the provision of innovative technology services.
TG recognizes the potential impact of new technology such as blockchain and aims to use new findings and applications to help improve the business of its partners.

Research Papers and Presentations by Dr. Erdenebold on Behalf of TG and KAIST

KAIST GCORE Project Team

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