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Mine Reclamation Corp.
-EA ISP & EA System Construction

As a global leader in mine reclamation, MIRECO’s vision is to create value for mining areas by contributing to economic vitalization and to peoples’ happiness in a sustainable way. MIRECO recognizes the critical role that technology and information systems play in attaining its strategic objectives. Therefore, through EA-based information strategy planning and EA system construction, the corporation sought to improve the efficiency of its IT project and resource management and to establish a system to manage its current and future IT plans. Together with TG’s expertise in IT governance, we established a dynamic foundation for accurate decision-making, IT asset utilization, and IT project support. Read more

Korea Rural Community Corporation
-IT Project Management System Build

Agency for Defense Development
-EA System Build

Republic of Botswana Government
-EA System Build

Ministry of Defense
-EA Concept Research Consulting

Daewoo Shipbuilding
-EA Consulting & EAMS Build

Ministry of Trade, Industry
-Performance Management System 

Ministry of Public Safety & Security
-IT Project management System Build

Seoul Metropolitan Government
-Big Data Consulting

Korea Meteorological Administration
-EA Consulting

Korea Employment Information Service
-Work-Net ISP Consulting

Korea Education and Research Information Service -Security ISP

National IT Industry Promotion Agency
-Software Repository System Upgrade

Korea Copyright Commission
-ITSM Build

Korea Copyright Commission
-Big Data Governance Consulting

Ministry of Environment
-Impact Assessment ISP Consulting

Public Procurement Service
-IT Project Management System Build

National IT Industry Promotion Agency
-Open Software ISP Consulting

Ministry of Oceans & Fisheries
-MBRIS ISMP Consulting