Our Consulting Services


AI Service established by TG includes Smart Local Currency, Smart Tourism Platform, Smart Logistics, Smart edu Platform, Child Protection Platform, Educational Content Sharing Platform, etc. and various AI services jointly established by Incheon Metropolitan City, Korea Tourism Organization, Techno Park, and Human Resources Development Institute.

Smart Local Currency

A local currency or card designed to boost the local economy is a local love electronic gift card that combines mobile apps and prepaid cards. Tiz is developing its operating model by innovating smart local currency platforms and giving new value to revitalize the local economy with Incheon City.

Smart Tourism Platform

 A one-stop service that enables tourists to access information or make reservations “anytime, anywhere, conveniently”. By reorganizing into a customized ICT tourism information service system centered on users, the company will develop into a smart integrated tourism platform through meeting the needs of individual tourists, reducing inconvenience in using information, improving accessibility of tourism business customers, and integrating individually dispersed services.

Smart Tourism Platform

Smart Logistics

Analysis of logistics environment, logistics facilities, systems and organizations, laws, policies, institutions, logistic digitization levels, and transportation company status based on AI, and response to key issues in the smart logistics process. Helping to build effective logistics, systems and infrastructure.

Smart Logistics

Smart Edu Platform

Investigate and analyze educational service platforms provided by domestic and international public and private sectors, and analyze technology-based training models respectively. Analysis of service characteristics and functions by assembling online learning, experience/fusion learning, personalized learning, and life cycle perspective

Smart Edu Platform

Child Protection Platform

By applying artificial intelligence-based heterogeneous, low-definition video integration technology, video data analysis technology, and intelligent behavior-based algorithms, we set the standard for abnormal behavior in infant care facilities. All integrated into a platform that aims to further develop related technologies by establishing a video database related to infant abuse, and to provide a childcare environment for parents of infants and toddlers to safely entrust their children.


Educational Content Sharing Platform

Currently, there are many restrictions on using educational contents as educational materials. Users who want to use it need to obtain permission from many data providers who have data. However, this approach to content utilization is not conducive to training and data business development. Therefore, we are establishing a shared platform to manage educational content based on AI.

Educational Content Sharing Platform


As for data, standards are the most important criteria. Quality of data is checked against that standards. Quality control is carried out quarterly for the operating business and before the end of the project. The area where standards and quality are systematically managed is called data governance. For unstructured data, there are big data and AI learning data areas, and a quality management system and performance management system have been established. In addition, we consulted on public data opening, national standard dat

Data Quality Management System

TG present data quality management standards for AI learning and prepare inspection Methods.
It also prepare a quality management system for data governance and data security.
We conduct competency-building training on quality management standards and systems for participating companies in building AI learning data.
TG prepare measures to activate the use of AI learning data.
It also contributes to vitalization by preparing a guide to promote data usage.

Data Quality Management System

Smart City & Smart Farm

TG consults Smart Cities and Smart Farms, and quality consulting and PMO in implementation projects. Smart City has already entered Turkey, Honduras, Qatar and Cameroon. TG participated in the Malaysian Smart Farm project. We are working on introducing Korea’s Smart City and Smart Farm experience and export it to the world.

Smart Cities

Smart City has convergence industrial characteristics such as construction and IT. A smart city open ecosystem (co-system) configuration is desirable. The cooperation of stakeholders is also important. The concept of smart city is a sustainable urban model that uses IT and data to pursue low cost and high efficiency. Whether the city uses data or not is the key to the success of smart cities. Living labs need to be operated to show a variety of smart city services. With support for a variety of living labs, City Labs should be run with the support of central and local governments.

Smart Cities

Smart Farm

Smart agriculture is being re-established in the pre-farm, agricultural progress, and distribution and consumption stages.
Technology Map is evolving from all phases of smart agriculture to real-time data management and integrated storage and management. Based on AI technology, agricultural work is being unmanned and intelligent. It is entering an era where data-based AI replaces labor, knowledge, and experience, which are indispensable factors in agriculture.

Smart Farm

Global Business

TG supplies Korea’s e-government, AI and data-related consulting and solutions to many countries around the world. In particular, we are developing AI-related demonstration projects in various countries. Smart cities and smart farms are areas that many countries want to exchange. TG exports the corresponding SW along with consulting in this field.   

Global Projects

Our overseas projects include:

  • Consulting and solutions in Vietnam and Botswana, conduct e-government overseas projects in a total of 12 countries.
  • Kenya e-Government Center Consulting.
  • Establishment of ISP for Mongolia Employment Information Network.


EA is an enterprise architecture that integrates and manages all business, applications, data, and information resources of organizations or companies. IT governance is the integrated management of IT planning, budget, ordering, project, evaluation, service management, operation, and operational performance using EA as a tool. TG is a specialized IT governance company, consulting such systems and supplying SW to Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. 

IT Governance

IT governance is defined by the IT Governance Institute (ITGI) as, “The responsibility of executives and the board of directors, and consists of the leadership, organizational structures and processes that ensure that the enterprise’s IT sustains and extends the organization’s strategies and objectives.” These are the organizational structures, human resources, tools, processes, principles, and regulations that allow efficient and effective use of IT and help organizations to produce results and attain their strategic goals. As a specialist IT governance company, we know the value of IT governance in decision making on enterprise architecture, infrastructure, project requirement and outputs, and IT investment and prioritization for the business. TG focuses on EA-based IT Governance, which comprises support for government and agency EA, IT lifecycle management based on EA, budget processing management through EA, controlling EA complexity through EA, and continuous management of this EA information. The IT Governance model is based on EA repository information serves as the foundation for organizational decision-making.

Our Clients


Smart Currency * VANE

(스마트 화폐 플랫폼 VANE)

Local currency to revitalize the local economy, or a local electronic gift certificate platform that combines a mobile app and a prepaid card.

Smart Child Protection * SHIELD

(인공지능 아동보호 플랫폼 )

Child Protection Solutions with Behavioral Cognitive Algorithms.

Smart EDU Contents * eduKITE

(인공지능 교육 컨텐츠 플랫폼 )

Platform for sharing and leveraging training-related content
as trading tools.


(로보틱 프로세스 자동화)

Automated processes for business automation, data repetition,
real-time tracking and monitoring.



Solution that promotes unmanned and intelligent agriculture by collecting, storing, and managing real-time data at all stages of agriculture.

Graph DB * SPIDERweb

(데이터 분석)

Graph DB solution that manages and monitors information related to topics through data analysis in a specific field.


(아키텍처 관리)

Solution that manages the business, application, data, and information resources of an organization or company across the enterprise within the framework of the EA framework.



Solution for managing IT business processes such as planning, ordering, execution, and evaluation in terms of standards and information utilization.


(서비스 관리)

Solution for managing and monitoring of service level of IT system, failure management, and information resources.


(IT 시스템 운영성과관리)

Solution for monitoring IT system operation information, measuring operational performance, and determines future management directions by performance level.

ICT Training

One of TG’s key values is People. We believe that the key to the success of any ICT project is human relationships that enable cooperation and collaboration across diverse sectors. Therefore, it is important to invest in the development of the human capital in our organization and our partner organizations. TG offers internal and external capacity building programs throughout the year for public and private organizations at our training facilities and onsite during the execution of projects. Our training areas include business consulting, information system use, enterprise architecture, ICT trends, information strategy planning, business process re-engineering, E-Government systems, and policy and master planning. Furthermore, we create plans and materials for internal human resource development based on the requirement of partner practitioners in the ICT space. Our consultants, software engineers, and researchers deliver customized and practical training based on years of hands-on project implementation experience.

For more information about receiving training for your organization please contact jwy@tgin.kr.