Project Description

TG*EAMS – Enterprise Architecture Management System


TG*EAMS is a support tool for EA-based informatization support. TG*EAMS can be used my EA manager, project managers, or IT project team members to enable them to manage IT business. The IT Dashboard provides a high level view of the status of projects, IT resources, and EA. Furthermore there are feature to analyze EA information and generate scenarios and statistics for reporting. The search functions are well developed allowing the user to search for information on frameworks and standards, and to check for duplication of projects. Through TG*EAMS the user can manage the annual schedule for maturity and conduct mock measurements for maturity.


Within TG*EAMS, EA Modeler is an information system tool that defines information design and interrelation among information components such as organizational tasks, data, applications, service, and information technology. The main features of EA Modeler include functions for managing metamodels and architecture, viewing enterprise diagrams, importing and exporting data, and many others that help to conveniently manage EA information