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From the CEO

Our goal is to provide governance solutions for your organization that enable the efficient use of IT, data, and applications. As an expert IT governance company our solutions are designed to bring agility, stability, and innovation to organizations locally and abroad.  Using our experience in Korea we have ventured into other countries to share tailored data-based governance solutions. Our proprietary products are fully customizable to meet client requirements and are backed up by highest level of quality and technical accreditation. Most of all, through our maintenance and support, we ensure that your experience with our products and solutions is convenient.

TG Consulting CEO Weonyoung Jeon

Our History

During the six years since our foundation in September of 2010, TG has grown from year to year. Our growth is represented not only in our sales, but also our human resource capability, solution development certification, and our successful expansion into the international market. We continue to look for opportunities to share our expertise with organizations looking to attain their strategic goals through the efficient and effective use of information technology.
December – Seoul Hi-Brand Certification
November – Vietnam E-Government Center Project
October – Jordan E-Government Training
September – Kenya-Korea E-Government Cooperation Center Project
August – Technology Credit Bureau Certification
April – Ministry of Interior Safety Award
April – Ministry of Employment Labor Leading Small Enterprise Award
December – Government of Botswana EA Project
October – Vietnam National University E-Government Training
August – Vietnam Ministry of Information Communications E-Government Training
September – Capital Reaches 200 million won
September – Company Renamed “TG”
September – Data Analysis Patent
August – TG_ITG v1.5 Good Software Certification
December – IT Governance Solution Development
November – Capital reaches 100 million won
February – Daejeon Branch Opened
March – TG Research Institute Establishment
March – Venture Company Registration
September – TG Consulting Foundation

Organizational Chart

Of our 30 staff members, over half are certified at advanced technical levels in their respective fields, with continuous support for professional development provided. The three business departments – consulting, service, and solutions – are supported by the Administration team and the research team, which enable business stability and innovation for the company.  TG’s executive level overlooks the organization, guiding the setting and attainment of strategic objectives.


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Since its foundation in 2010, TG has consolidated its competitiveness in Korea and the region through IT project consulting and execution in central and local government, public agencies, public corporations, private corporations, and universities. TG's growth is represented not only by increasing sales, but also by investments in human resource capability, acquisition of software certification, and successful expansion into the international market.