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Artificial Intelligence

Our Artificial intelligence pattern analysis provides the basis for decision making inside companies and organizations.

  1. AI Consulting.
  2. AI Solution: AI Behavioral Recognition Platform, RPA Solution, GRAPH DB.
  3. AI-Playground: Incheon City AI Smart Business Project.
  4. AI Child Protection Platform, AI Elderly Protection Platform.

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Data Governance, Standard, Quality

Leading Data business in Korea, we specialize in data management solutions for your business.

  1. Data Governance Consulting & Solution.
  2. Data Standard Consulting & Solution.
  3. Data Quality Consulting & Solution.
  4. Big Data Analysis Consulting & Big Data Platform.
  5. AI Data Consulting & Solution.
  6. Public Data Consulting.
  7. My Data Consulting.

Consulting Service

Smart City & Smart Farm

Our consultancy services on Smart City support and deployment are being implemented in cities like Lima and Kampala. Part of our mission is to strive to create a happy city for their citizens through Smart City.

  1. Smart City Consulting & Solution.
  2. Smart Farm Consulting & Solution.

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Currently performing various projects with governments and private companies all around the globe.

  1. IT Governance Consulting & Solution.
  2. Smart City Consulting & Solution.
  3. Smart Farm Consulting & Solution.
  4. e-Government Consulting & Solution, including Electronic Bidding, Electronic Litigation, Worknet, Resident Info., Smart Logistics, etc.
  5. Infrastructure Supply.

Consulting Service

IT Governance

TG focuses on EA-based IT Governance, which comprises support for government and agency EA, IT lifecycle management based on EA, budget processing management through EA, controlling EA complexity through EA, and continuous management of this EA information.

  1. IT Governance Consulting & Solution.
  2. Enterprise Architecture Consulting & Solution.
  3. IT Project Management (PMS), IT Resource Management (ITRMS), Service Management (ITSM), Operation Performance (OPMS) and IT Portal Consulting & Solution.


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