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       Eneterprise        Arquitechture based IT Governance

Consulting & Research for Development and Operation of Smart Cities

Artificial Intelligence solutions for the E-governance business

Proposal evaluation, contract and subcontract management system

Masterplan Feasibility Study E-government Consulting

Diverse training programs for the ICT sector.

Executive Team

Weon Young, Jeon

Mr. Jeon’s passion for IT governance has driven the continued growth and success of TG since its foundation eight years ago. He has since overseen numerous projects in EA consulting and EAMS solution delivery, data quality management, and developing country EA utilization framework research.

Kyeong Seok, Seo

Professor Seo is a professional engineer and information system auditor, with 25 years of experience in IT. He brings key experience to IT governance projects in Korea and abroad. He has also worked in the Korean public service, specializing in policy, training, project management, and auditing.

Yong Cheol, Kim

A professional IT engineer with over 20 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Kim brings a sharp skillset in BPR/ISP, AI, Big Data, Blockchain, ISMP, and EA. As vice-president, his quick understanding of the application of emerging technology will be a key asset in meeting our customers’ needs.

Hyeong Seog, Kho

Managing Director
Mr. Kho is a professional engineer and certified information systems auditor who brings over 20 years of consulting experience from projects in the public and private sectors. He is a specialist in green IT development, system integration, information strategy planning, and government-wide EA and IT governance.

Managing Directors

Research Engineers & Principal Consultants

"Our goal is to provide IT governance based on AI solutions for your organization that enable the efficient use of IT, data, and applications."
Weon Young, Jeon

“TG’s EAMS, PMS, and ITRMS solutions are currently in use in more than 30 organizations in Korea and abroad. Furthermore, TG is currently engaged in over 30 EA and IT governance consulting services for several organizations.”